Personal Injury Claim Cash Advance

Personal Injury Claim Cash Advance

Funding for injured accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs, $1,000 to $100,000

Personal injury claim cash advances are available for plaintiffs with any type of personal injury claim. Personal injury funding companies provide pre-settlement cash advances for injured accident victims by helping them borrow money before the settlement of a personal injury claim. Accident claims don't settle quickly. In fact, personal injury victims often wait years before they receive financial compensation from a personal injury settlement. If your personal injury claim is dragging out and you have overwhelming bills and short of case, you can get a cash advance against your future legal settlement.

The process of a personal injury claim is emotionally and financially straining for plaintiffs. Personal injury accidents can result in significant medical bills and insufficient income. When you're not able to return to work or placed on light and modified duty, the bills pile up quickly and the financial pressure to settle your accident claim out-of-court for the first offer can intensify. Personal injury victims turn to pre-settlement funding companies when they find themselves struggling to stay afloat financially during the stages of a personal injury claim. A lawsuit cash advance gets you cash immediate to pay your bill and cover unexpected financial expenses until your attorney negotiate maximum compensation or win a jury verdict.

A personal injury claims cash advance is not a personal loan. Banks provide personal loans and traditional financial products to borrowers based on their credit history and income. In contrast, lawsuit funding companies are not concerned with a client's credit score or employment status. Personal injury settlement loans and bank loans are fundamentally different financial products. With a loan on a personal injury settlement, you get a risk-free cash advance against a pending settlement you expect to get from your personal injury lawsuit.

With a personal injury loan, there's no credit check, no upfront fees, no out-of-pocket costs, no income requirements, and monthly payments. Personal injury lenders look at the facts and circumstances of a personal injury case to determine the pre-settlement cash advance amount they qualify for prior to settlement.

Accident Claim Loan is the best pre-settlement funding company for savvy plaintiffs considering a personal injury claim loan before the settlement of their accident claim. The personal injury funding underwriters can advance settlement loans within 24 hours for a wide variety of personal injury claims, such as the following:

From car accident case advances to wrongful death lawsuit loans, Accident Claim Loan has the experience and resources to help you get fast accident loans to take care of your bills and financial obligations. 

Personal Injury Funding for Common Accidental Injuries

Plaintiffs qualify for personal injury funding based on how the injury occurred (liability), the type of injured suffered (injury), and the type of medical treatment the personal injury victim received as a result of the personal injury accident. Plaintiff funding is available for most of common types of injuries claimants suffer as result of negligence caused by reckless third-parties, such as:

  • Amputation
  • Back injury
  • Broken bone
  • Closed head injury
  • Disc bulging injury
  • Dog bite injury
  • Femur fracture
  • Herniated disc injury
  • Knee injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Neck injury
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder injury
  • Soft-tissue injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Torn meniscus
  • Traumatic brain
  • Wrongful death

Personal Injury Settlement Advances Nationwide: State-by-State

Accident Claim Loans is a nationwide personal injury lawsuit loan company providing legal claim cash advances and accident lawsuit funding for injured victims nationally. Clients across America have benefited from our flexible personal injury settlement advance options. We currently offer instant settlement cash advances in 44 states throughout the United States. Here is a list of cities and states where we offer financial assistance for people awaiting personal injury settlements:

Alabama, Alaska, Albany, Arizona, Arizona, Atlanta, Augusta GA, Baton Rouge, Buffalo, California, Connecticut, Dallas TX, Delaware, Detroit, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Georgia, Hartford, Hawaii, Idaho, Houston TX, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Lansing, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Miami, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Naperville, New Haven CT, New York, Jackson MS, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Orleans, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oakland CA, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, San Bernardino, South Dakota, Springfield, St. Louis, Syracuse, Tampa, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

How to Get a Personal Injury Cash Advance Before Settlement

We are here to help when you find yourself short of cash while you’re waiting for the personal injury case to finalize. Go ahead and put in your application for a personal injury cash advance if you need funding against a portion of the settlement money you expect to get as compensation from your personal injury lawsuit. Remember, pre-settlement cash advances are not bank loans. You pay back the cash advance on your personal injury claim only if your case is settled or your attorney wins a monetary recovery from a damages award, jury verdict, or claim settlement.

To put in your application, all you have to do is call 1-888-715-8701 or fill out the application form on this page. Once we receive your cash advance request for funding, we'll take it from there and contact your attorney for some additional information about your accident claim.


Financial Help for Personal Injury Victims

Remember, personal injury funding is 100% risk-free for personal injury in the United States. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your accident claim, keep the cash advance and owe nothing.