Accident Money

Accident Money Loans: Borrowing money before your car accident settlement

Pre-settlement advances for accident victims waiting for their cases to settle, No credit check, no monthly payments, no hassles!

Accident money loans are easy financial options for injured accident victims waiting to receive settlement money from car accident, slip and fall, and workers compensation cases. Personal injury victims use accident loans to stay afloat until their pending accident cases settle for fair monetary compensation. Borrowing money against a settlement is the quick and hassle-free method to access immediate funding before you settle your case, so you can pay your bill and stay afloat financially while you’re awaiting to get the lawsuit money from an expected accident claim settlement.

Accident money loans have saved tens of thousands of injured accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs from low-ball insurance settlements and financial disaster. Car accident settlements can take months even years to an end. If your injury claim is taking a long time to settle, but you need money now to pay your bills or take care of an unexpected emergency, Accident Claim Loan may be able to help you borrow some of the money you are expecting from your accident settlement or personal injury lawsuit.

Advance on pending lawsuits are available for a wide range of cases. We specialize in accident cash advances for slip and fall accident cases, premises liability accident cases, dog bite injury cases, semi-trailer truck accident cases, and workers compensation on the job accident cases.

You are eligible to apply for an advance on your accident money if you got hurt in an accident, and hired an accident lawyer on a contingency basis to purse a bodily injury claim against the person or business responsible for causing your injuries.

An advance loan on lawsuit settlements is not a traditional bank loan. That's because there's no credit check, no out-of-pocket fees, no job requirements, and no monthly payments. 

You do not need to have good credit or any credit history to borrow accident money. Eligibility and the amount you can borrow from your settlement will depend upon the facts and circumstances of your accident claim and not your credit score. 

If you're looking for the best lawsuit funding company, Accident Claim Loan is the smart choice for accident victims looking for same day accident loan and low interest rate settlement loans. 

To get an accident money loan today, just go ahead and put in your application for funding.


Financial Help for Injured Accident Victims

Remember, accident money loans on future accident settlements are 100% risk-free for injured accident victims with pending injury claims. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your case, keep the cash advance and owe nothing.

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