Medical Malpractice Settlement Loans

Medical Malpractice Pre-Settlement Loans

Do you have a medical malpractice case and need money before settlement? Medical malpractice pre-settlement funding loans cash to plaintiffs awaiting compensation from a medical malpractice settlement. Advance lawsuit funding provides financial support to victims of medical malpractice expecting to receive settlements during the lengthy litigation process.

Medical malpractice settlements must be approved by physicians. This is in contrast to common types of personal injury cases. Settlements for slips and falls and auto accidents can be settled by the defendant’s insurance company, whether the defendant wants to settled or not. When a patient files a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital for a medical negligence, the plaintiff in the malpractice suit usually has to wait until the doctor consents to settle the case before receiving compensatory damages. This can lead to medical malpractice lawsuit dragging out for a long time.

When a medical mistake that rises to the level of negligence has resulted in a patient suffering harm and incurring economic damages, the victim can hire a medical malpractice attorney to file suit against the responsible health care providers. Although you are entitled to pursue a legal action, receiving a medical malpractice settlement or winning a jury verdict takes time, patience, and money. While waiting for the legal process to unfold, you can get a pre-settlement advance to tide you until you get the money from a medical malpractice settlement or verdict. Accident Claim Loan can advance cash funding to help you win maximum payout from your lawsuits.

Lawsuits that drag on can put a tremendous financial strain on plaintiffs awaiting settlement. If you find yourself short of cash while you’re in the midst of a medical malpractice lawsuit, pre-settlement loans advance cash to victim seeking immediate financial relief. Plaintiffs nationwide use the funds to pay their bills, living expenses, mortgage payments, utility expenses, car payments, and more.

Medical malpractice pre-settlement loans allow victims of doctor negligence and medical errors to get an advance on their potential legal settlement or awarded damages to help fund their financial obligations until the time it takes for the legal case to finish.

Pre-settlement funding loans cash on medical malpractice lawsuit settlements

Medical malpractice lawsuit settlements can take a long to resolve. Whether the malpractice resulted in personal injury or wrongful death of a patient, it’s common for plaintiffs to wait several years until they receive the settlement money they are seeking for a medical malpractice payout. Medical negligence by doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers that results in permanent injuries, disability, and wrongful death can be financial devastation for lawsuit plaintiffs. Fortunately, financial solutions are available for cash-strapped clients who are unable to return to work and faced with insufficient income.

Millions of American’s don’t have access to financial services from banking institutions. Banks have strict underwriting guidelines and require potential borrowers have good credit score and sufficient income to qualify for personal loans. Legal financing works differently. There's no credit check, no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and no job requirement to qualify. Pre-settlement funding companies that advance workers compensation loans provides cash advances during the stages of a medical malpractice case. The process is determined by the facts of medical records and expert report if available.

Accident Claim Loan is a nationwide pre-settlement funding provider of settlement advance loans for people with personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits in the United States. Settlement loans, allows you to get a settlement advance in cash on a portion of the potential settlement money you're expecting from a pending lawsuit. Here are some of the benefits of lawsuit loans:

  • No credit check
  • No upfront fees to apply
  • No income requirement
  • No monthly payments
  • No bank account required
  • No employment verification
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • 100% risk-free lawsuit lending
  • If you lose your case, keep the settlement advance loan and owe nothing

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Financial Help for Victims of Doctor & Medical Errors

Lawsuit funding for medical malpractice settlements is a 100% risk-free advance for patients with legal cases. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your med-mal case, keep the settlement cash advance and owe nothing.

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