Kansas loan against my workers comp case

Workers Compensation Settlement Loans in Kansas

Accident Claim Loan can help you get cash now if you need to borrow against your Kansas workers compensation claim

Accident Claim Loan is proud to be the #1 legal funding company offering workers comp loans in Kansas. As a full-service funding company, we provide financial help to people with pending injury claims or wrongful death lawsuits. With our pre-settlement funding workers compensation program, we offer financial assistance for injured workers by helping them get cash advances against pending workers comp claims.

We make it easy to get loans on workers comp cases. That's because our workers comp settlement loans are not traditional banks loans. Rather, a loan on a workplace accident claim is simply a no-risk, non-recourse cash advance on a future workers compensation settlement. What that means to anyone considering a workers comp' advance is, there's no credit check, no up-front fees, no monthly payments, no job or income requirements, and no out of pocket cost.

Another popular feature of our workers compensation funding program is that if you lose your workplace injury claim or don't win an award or settlement, you can keep the cash advance on workers comp settlement and owe nothing!

Keep the workers comp settlement cash advance and owe nothing if you lose your case or don't win. Pay back only if your comp attorney secures monetary compensation on your behalf.

Workers compensation claimants throughout the state of Kansas have benefited from pre-settlement funding workers compensation. The financial tools we offer have saved countless people with on the job injury cases from low insurance settlement offers, money problems, and financial disasters.

Join the tens of thousands of accident victims who have turned to legal funding companies to borrow against workers comp settlements. At Accident Claim Loan, we offer accident cash advances from as low as $1,000 to as high $100,000. The amount we may advance to you will primarily depend upon the facts and circumstances of your specific case. Once we get you application, we can reach out to your law firm to obtain some additional information about your accident claim.

The first step in getting cash now is filling out the short application form or giving us a call at 1-888-715-8701.


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1. Why the need for pre settlement loans workers compensation in Kansas

2. Legal funding solutions, no-risk cash loans for injured workers

3. Do you offer Kansas workers comp loans near me

4. What is the process for getting an advance on my workers' comp settlement in Kansas


Why the need for pre-settlement loans workers compensation in Kansas?

Workers' compensation claims in Kansas often take a very long time to settle.

And, in certain situations, even after the insurance claim has already been settled, it can take quite some time until the claimant actually receives the settlement money from his / her workers' compensation attorney.

As you can image, the long delay and the uncertainty can be financially straining and frustrating, especially if the accident victim is suffering from life changing workplace injuries and is struggling to pay the bills and stay afloat. Fortunately, there are legal funding companies offering financial assistance for injured workers who have pending injury claims.

The best lawsuit funding companies offer personal injury clients the best customer service experience with quick cash advances, competitively priced rates, and the best settlement loan advance terms.

At Accident Claim Loan, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial struggles Kansas plaintiffs face after an injury. We know that workers compensation claimants are often left disabled and unable to return work after suffering serious and devastating bodily injury. Unable to go back to work and make a sufficient income, many injury victims begin to fall behind on their bills and develop anxiety over their finances. If that sounds like the situation you are currently going through, we have legal funding solutions that could benefit you and your family today.

Settlement loans have countless benefits for victims suffering from serious injuries resulting from accidents in the workplace.

When a client gets a cash loan on a future settlement, you are obtaining an advance on a portion of the settlement money you could possibly receiving as compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered in connection with on-the-job injury.

Since a workers' comp settlement loan advance is not a bank loan and does not depend upon the claimant's credit score, a credit check is not necessary or required. Normally, when a borrower goes to a creditor seeking traditional financing, that creditor will run a credit check and pull the borrower's credit report. However, doing a credit pull can have a negative effect on the person's credit score. The workers comp funding that we offer is provided on a non-recourse basis. This saves lawsuit funding borrowers from having an unnecessary drop in their credit score.

When you're struggling to make ends meet or scrambling to find money to take care of an unexpected emergency, legal funding workers compensation is the easy pre-settlement solutions for getting cash in your hands fast.

Our workers compensation loans have proven to be a financial lifeline for Kansas accident victims who lives have been turned upside down due to a workplace injury. These injury victims who found themselves in need of cash now in order to stay afloat have used workers' compensation loans to pay their rent, car note, insurance premium, mortgage, child care expenses, phone bill, and even those unexpected expenses such as vehicle repairs and funeral expenses of a loved ones. Our legal funding solutions is fast and easy solutions for injured workers in desperate need of financial help.

Do you offer Kansas workers comp loans near me?

We offer lawsuit cash advances and insurance settlement loans to accident victims in every area of Kansas. At Accident Claim Loan, our legal funding company is proud of the fact that we are committed to offering financial assistance to injured workers throughout the state of Kansas. Here are just a few of the census-designated place and cities in KS where we offer fast workers compensation settlement loans with low interest rates, Abilene wc comp, Abilene wc comp, Andover wc comp, Arkansas City wc comp, Atchison wc comp, Bel Aire wc comp, Bonner Springs wc comp, Chanute wc comp, Clay Center wc comp, Council Grove wc comp, Dodge City wc comp, Emporia wc comp, Eudora wc comp, Garden City wc comp, Hays wc comp, Hutchinson wc comp, Junction City wc comp, Kansas City, KS wc comp, Lansing wc comp, Lawrence wc comp, Leavenworth wc comp, Leawood wc comp, Lenexa wc comp, Manhattan wc comp, Newton wc comp, Olathe wc comp, Overland Park wc comp, Paola wc comp, Park wc comp, Pittsburg wc comp, Pratt wc comp, Roeland Park wc comp, Rose Hill wc comp, Russell wc comp, Salina wc comp, Shawnee wc comp, Topeka, Kansas wc comp, Valley Center wc comp, Wellington wc comp, Wichita, Kansas wc comp, and Winfield wc comp.

The good news for people who have pending workers comp cases is that qualifying for a workers comp case loan is easy. You are eligible to apply for a loan on your workers comp case if you were involved in an accident at work or suffered an on-the-job injury or illness, and you've hired an Kansas workers compensation attorney to pursue financial compensation on your behalf. Apply for an advance on workers comp settlement today if you need cash now from $1,000 to $100,000.

What is the process for getting an advance on my workers' comp settlement in Kansas

Don't wait until the last minute to get the financial help you deserve. The sooner you put in your application for pre-settlement funding is the sooner we can get started on your request to borrow money against your case.

Once we receive your application, we'll work directly with your law firm to gather some additional information about your pending accident claim. Then, as soon as we get the requested information from your workers' comp attorney, we can quickly review your claim and determine how much cash you can borrow today. We work fast, very fast and can often offer same day accident loans if your attorney is available and cooperate in the quick underwriting process.

To get started on your application to obtain a workers' comp loan advance, just take a brief moment to fill out the short application form on this page. If you prefer, you can also call us if you have a few minutes to do an application over the phone.


Financial Assistance for Injured Workers in Kansas

Remember, our pre settlement loans are risk-free for injured accident victims with on-the-job injury claims. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your workplace accident case, you can keep the cash advance and owe nothing.

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