Personal Injury Loans on Settlements

Personal Injury Loans on Settlements

Personal injury victims often experience financial hardship in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury loans are a cash financial lifeline for plaintiffs who are drowning in bills and need money now while they are waiting for the proceeds from a personal injury settlement. If you got injured because of negligence caused by another person or entity, a personal injury loan can help to allevaite the financial strain.

When you take out a personal injury loan from a personal injury funding company, you get an advance on your settlement today, before you settle your case. When clients can’t turn to banks for traditional financing, they utilize these pre-settlement funding options to get fast funds during the personal injury lawsuit process.

Borrowing against a personal injury settlement is a popular financial option among plaintiffs pursuing personal injury claims. Banks and credit unions provide loans based on a potential borrower’s credit score. In vast contrast, loans against personal injury claims do not require borrowers undergo a credit check or credit pull.

Funding for personal injury cases is hassle-free borrowing for victims with third-party negligence cases. There's no credit check, no upfront fees, no out of pocket costs, no job requirements, and no monthly payments. Furthermore, if you lose your personal injury claim, you can keep the pre-settlement advance and pay nothing.

The best lawsuit lenders make it easy to qualify for a personal injury loans prior to settlement of a personal injury claim. Here are the five (5) eligibility requirements for qualifying for personal injury loans by Accident Claim Loan:

  1. The claimant or plaintiff is 18 years of age of older
  2. You reside within the 50 United States
  3. You suffered bodily injury, harm, and damages because of someone else's negligence or recklessness
  4. You hired a personal injury attorney to go after the responsible party to recover monetary compensation
  5. You have an open personal injury claim, awaiting a settlement

When awaiting your court case to be resolved in not a practical option, you can obtain personal injury funds now from $1,000 to $100,000. There's no shame in seeking an advance on personal injury settlement. It's normal for accident victims to need financial support while waiting for the personal injury legal proceedings to finalize. Personal injury loans have saved claimants throughout the United States from experiencing financial disaster and accepting low settlements. When you get advance funding on your forthcoming settlement, you can use the money for anything you and your family need to weather the storm.

Accident Claim Loan is a national legal funding provider, offering a full spectrum of pre-settlement funding products and services for plaintiffs with personal injury claims. Here is a list of the most requested personal injury loan options available before your personal injury settlement:

Personal injury clients can obtain loans against lawsuit settlements during any phase of the personal injury process. Whether your claim is in the pre-litigation stage or the attorney has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for causing you bodily harm, you can get lawsuit cash advance loans before your lawyer has recovered pain and suffering compensation from the tortfeasor.

To learn more about and apply for personal injury funding, all you have to do is call 1-888-715-8701 to connect with the best loan company for personal injury cases. You can also apply by filling out the short online application form on this page. After your application is received, one of the underwriters will contact your personal injury attorney to obtain some additional information about your claim. Based on the data provided by your lawyer, you can receive an advance on your settlement from $1,000 to $100,000. We look forward to helping you get the financial support you deserve.


Financial Assistance for Personal Injury Victims

Remember, personal injury settlement loans are 100% risk-free to personal injury victims. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your personal injury case, keep the cash advance and owe nothing.


1. What is a personal injury claim

2. What is a personal injury lawsuit

3. Why is my personal injury case taking so long

4. What is a personal injury loan

5. How does the personal injury lawsuit funding process work

6. Do you advance personal injury loans for people with no credit

7. What are some of the benefits of personal injury settlement loans

8. Do personal injury loan advance companies charge high interest rates

9. Does my personal injury case qualify for a lawsuit cash advance

10. How fast can I get a personal injury claim funding

11. What type of accident cases qualify for settlement loans

12. Do you offer personal injury pre-settlement loans nationwide

13. How can I get a loan before settlement of my personal injury lawsuit


What is a personal injury claim

A person who suffers injury, harm, and damages due to the negligence, strict liability, or careless acts of another person or corporation is entitled to seek financial compensation from the party responsible for causing the loss. To obtain monetary recovery from the person or business at-fault, a personal injury claim is presented to the insurance company or their legal representative outlining the theory of liability and a breakdown of the damages suffered by the claimant.

Filing a personal injury claim typically does not require any special legal proceedings or paperwork filed in court. However, depending on the type of personal injury claim being made, who the wrongdoer is, and the jurisdiction where the injury occurred, personal injury claimant or their legal representative may have to file a formal notice and in a timely manner to preserve their legal right to recover monetary compensation.


What is a personal injury lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit is a formal proceeding started by the injured party (plaintiff) against the wrongdoer (defendant) in a court of law. The plaintiff’s attorney will usually file a personal injury lawsuit against the tortfeasor if he / she is unable to amicably settle the personal injury case for a fair settlement through negotiations. There are other reasons why a lawyer will initiate a civil suit, but even though a case may be in the litigation process, the case can still be resolved at any juncture if both sides come to an agreement.


Why is my personal injury case taking so long

The sad reality for many clients is that personal injury cases can take a long time to settle. No one can truly tell you when your claim is going to finalize. A personal injury settlement requires a compromise from both sides. If the two side are miles and not close to reaching an agreement, the personal injury attorney may choose to arbitrate, mediate, or litigate the case.

There are several reasons why your claim may be unsettled. Insurance companies are notorious for dragging their feet when it comes to paying legitimate claims promptly. But insurers are not the only culprits. Many self-insured corporations and big box retailers are known for playing hardball when it comes to settling out-of-court. Rather than making fair pain and suffering offers, insurance carriers and defendants deliberately try to pressure clients into accepting low ball offers through delay and deny tactics. Fortunately, clients who are experiencing financial hardship and need cash fast can take out personal injury loans in advance of a settlement.


What is a personal injury loan

With a personal injury loan from a professional personal injury funding company, you can borrow money against the judgment or settlement you expect to get from a case. Personal injury loans are easy lending options for plaintiffs & accident victims who have incurred significant lost earnings because of an injury.


How does the personal injury lawsuit funding process work

How personal injury lawsuit funding works is actually pretty straightforward and simple for plaintiffs. Personal injury claims can take a long time to settle; however, personal injury loans are a funding mechanism for accessing a portion of the proceeds you’re expecting from a settlement before the case is actually settled.

The first step in the funding process is calling or filling out the quick online application. The personal injury lawsuit funding underwriter will then contact your attorney for additional details about the case to determine the how much you can borrow against the pending lawsuit. You will then receive a call from the legal funding department letting you know the outcome of your request.


Do you advance personal injury loans for people with no credit

Your credit history does not affect your chances of getting approved for a loan on your injury settlement. The best pre-settlement funding companies advance personal injury loans for no credit, good credit, and bad credit clients. The underwriters are concerned with the facts of your case, not your credit score.


What are some of the benefits of personal injury settlement loans

The benefits of personal injury settlement loans are numerous. Loans on settlement of personal injury give plaintiffs the advantage of accessing immediate cash so they can pay their bills, living expenses, and financial expenses during the lengthy personal injury settlement process. Settlement advance loans help to empower clients by alleviating the pressure to settlement prematurely, allowing them to focus on recovering from their injuries and continue fighting the insurance company or defendant for a fair personal injury settlement.


Do personal injury loan advance companies charge high interest rates

The interest rates charged by personal injury loan advance companies will vary from one company to another. Lawsuit lenders are in the business of helping victims through investing in personal injury claims. Although lending involves a significant amount of risk for companies, some take it too far by charging high interest rates. A reputable personal injury loan advance company will provide low interest rates on preferred cases. We recommended plaintiffs avoid companies charging rates above 3.5%.


Does my personal injury case qualify for a lawsuit cash advance?

The value of your personal injury claim has a direct correlation with the type of injuries you have suffered and the kind of medical treatment you have received. While some lawsuit lenders will only provide cash advance personal injury settlements for clients who have undergone surgery or suffered a fractured broken bone, personal injury lawsuit cash advance loans are available today for all types of accidental injuries.

The underwriting team has significant experience helping clients who have suffered the most common injuries. Whether you have sustained a soft-tissue injury, disability, broken bones, or received pain management injections, you can apply to qualify for a personal injury claim cash advance from a future legal settlement.

The majority of plaintiffs borrow cases against the following type of injury claim: Amputation injury, Ankle injury, Back injury, Closed head injury, Femur fracture, Fractured clavicle, Herniated disc injury, Limb loss, Neck injury, Rotator cuff tear, Shoulder injury, Soft tissue injury, Torn meniscus, TMJ disorders, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, Traumatic brain injury, Wrist injury, and Wrongful death.


How fast can I get a personal injury claim funding

The personal injury claim funding process is not a long as some claimants may believe. In fact, you can get fast funding on your personal injury claim in as little as 24 hours. We can even offer same day injury loans under certain situations. The amount of time it will take to advance funding will depend on the cooperation and availability of your attorney. The sooner we receive the request information from your legal counsel is the faster we can send the funds directly to you.


What type of accident cases qualify for settlement loans

Personal injury loans and accident lawsuit funding are available for a wide variety of different accident case and personal injury cases. Plaintiffs can get personal injury accident loans for automobile accident settlement, dog attack settlements, work-related injuries, med-mal settlement, car accident settlements, slip and fall settlements, truck accident settlement, premises liability litigation settlements, wrongful death lawsuit settlements, and more.


Do you offer personal injury pre-settlement funding nationwide

Accident Claim Loan is a national pre-settlement funding financial institution. We advance personal injury pre-settlement loans nationwide to cash-strapped plaintiffs and accident victims in the following areas throughout the United States of America.

Alabama, Alaska, Albany, Arizona, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Buffalo, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Detroit, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Georgia, Hartford, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Lansing, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Miami, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New York City, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, St. Louis, Syracuse, Tampa, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Apply now to get fast accident loans if you reside in any city or state mentioned above.


How can I get a loan before settlement of my personal injury lawsuit

Pre-settlement funding makes it fast and hassle-free for plaintiffs to get personal injury lawsuit settlement loans during any phase of a personal injury case. To start the process, all you have to do is call 1-888-715-8701 or complete Accident Claim Loans easy online funding application that will take you about two minutes to fill out. Right after we receive your request, we can get working to help you secure a personal injury claim cash advance by reaching out to your law firm to request some additional information on your case.

Auto accident personal injury loans

Auto accident personal injury loans are an innovative funding mechanism that gets you the money you need today to pay your bills until you settle your personal injury case with the insurance company. If waiting years for your civil lawsuit to settle is not an option, taking out an auto accident loan may be your best option.

Bus accident personal injury loans

Bus accident personal injury loans help accident victims get immediate cash relief prior to receiving the money from a bus accident lawsuit. A devastating collision involving a bus can result in multiple claimants suffering catastrophic injuries even wrongful death. If you got injured in accident and need financial support to avoid a disaster, you an borrow money against your pending bus accident settlement.

Car accident lawsuit loans

Car accidents can be major life-changing events, resulting in serious injuries and financial setbacks for accident victims. Car accident lawsuit loans are easy legal funding options, helping plaintiffs alleviate the financial strain and weather the storm. Car accident loans provide instant cash advance solutions before you settle.

Construction site accident settlement loans

Construction site accident lawsuit loans help victims of construction accidents access cash while they’re waiting for their lawsuit to settle with the defendant(s). It’s common for construction accident litigation to take years until the personal injury case is settled. Fortunately, pre-settlement funding for constructions accident lawsuits put money in your hands before you win the case.

Defective product liability settlement loans

Personal injury plaintiffs often wait years to receive compensation from a defective product liability lawsuit. Defective products can result in permanent injuries, even death. If you got hurt due to a dangerous product and have suffered financial setbacks, product liability litigation loans can help you weather the storm.

Dog bite attack lawsuit loans

Lawsuit loans are available for personal injury victims expecting a settlement from a dog bite lawsuit. If you got attacked by a dog or suffered a dog bite or mauling, you qualify to apply for a cash advance on your pending settlement through the dog bite pre-settlement funding program. Personal injury lawsuit funding helps you borrow money against a future dog bite settlement.

FELA personal injury lawsuit loans

(Federal Employers Liability Act)

Get pre-settlement funding for FELA claims in 24 hours. Waiting years for a FELA lawsuit to settle can be financially straining on railroad workers who have suffered serious injuries & financial setbacks. When you qualify for FELA settlement loans with a top lawsuit funding company, you get fast legal cash advance options.

Scaffolding collapse accident lawsuit loans

Lawsuit cash advance loans are available to plaintiffs waiting to receive financial compensation from a scaffolding collapse accident settlement. Construction is a dangerous industry. Construction sites pose many serious risks to those working at and around the area. If you have a scaffolding accident lawsuit and need fund to tide you over until you win a scaffolding settlement, you can get personal injury funding from $1,000 to 100,000.

Slip and fall personal injury loans

The slip and fall lawsuit funding program helps victims of slip and fall accidents get a cash advance against a pending slip and fall injury settlement while they are waiting to receive pain and suffering compensation from a slip and fall settlement. Negligence is a leading case of slip and falls. Pre-settlement loans help you weather the storm while your attorney is negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company.

Trip and fall accident lawsuit loans

Trip and fall accident lawsuit loans provide cash advances on accident claims to victims who tripped and fell due to negligence.

Medical malpractice lawsuit loans

Medical malpractice lawsuit loans are cash advances on pending medical malpractice settlement.

Negligent inadequate security lawsuit loans

Negligent and inadequate security can result in sexual assault, rape, battery, & violence. Inadequate security lawsuit loans help plaintiffs weather the storm during the lengthy litigation process.

Nursing home neglect lawsuit loans

Nursing home neglect lawsuit loans are available for plaintiffs in the midst of a nursing home neglect case.

Motorcycle accident personal injury loans

Motorcycle accident personal loans provide financial support to victims of bike accidents.

The Jones Act personal injury loans

The Jones Act lawsuit loans provide cash advances for seamen with Jones Act settlements.

Wrongful death lawsuit funding

Wrongful death lawsuit loans can help you stay afloat financially until your attorney settles the fatality case. When a loved on passes away, the effects can be devastating on the spouse and family members. Lawsuit funding companies advance settlement funding for wrongful death claims to help alleviate the financial strains.