Lawsuit Loans for Pending Lawsuit Settlements

Lawsuit Loans: Fast cash advance

Lawsuit loans provide immediate cash for plaintiffs awaiting personal injury lawsuit settlements

Lawsuit loans are a cash lifeline for personal injury plaintiffs and accident victims who need immediate cash relief but have few financial options. A lawsuit loan helps you access funds you’re expecting from a lawsuit settlement. If you’re in the midst of a civil lawsuit, you can get a fast pre-settlement loan on your lawsuit in 24 hours.

When used responsibly, lawsuit loans are a life-saving and beneficial financial tool for plaintiffs seeking to avoid financial disaster and recover fair monetary compensation for the damages they have suffered. The civil litigation process can be lengthy and financially straining on personal injury victims. During the process of a personal injury lawsuit, plaintiffs often experience money problems and financial hardship. For the vast majority of these clients, they do not have access to traditional banking products and services. Fortunately, litigation loans provide clients with simple and hassle-free pre-settlement options to get money before the lawsuit is settled.

Lawsuit loans are fast, easy, risk-free cash advances on pending lawsuit settlements. During the litigation process, plaintiffs often experience financial problems and have difficulty paying their rent, living expenses, car payments, and child care obligations. Litigation loans provide financial relief by helping you to get cash before you receive the settlement money from your court case. Another added benefit of pre settlement loans is the lawsuit cash advance is no-risk to personal injury victims; thus, if you lose your case or your injury lawyer doesn't recover monetary compensation from the defendant or insurance company, you can keep the lawsuit funding and owe nothing!

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loans on Pending Settlements.jpgIn the legal funding industry, risk-free cash loans on lawsuit settlements are commonly referred to as pre-settlement lawsuit funding;  however, they are also referred to as lawsuit loans, pre settlement loans, accident loans, and litigation loans as well. Although many clients refer to our pre settlement funding financial products as loans, a lawsuit loan should not be confused with traditional financing one would normally obtain from a bank, credit union, and other creditor. That's because litigation loans are actually provided to people with civil lawsuits on a non-recourse basis.

With a non recourse loan (no-win, no pay), the plaintiff is simply borrowing against his / her pending case and is not personally liable for the loan. What that means for an injured accident victim or plaintiff considering whether they should take out a pre settlement lawsuit loan is that there's no credit check, no out-of-pocket-fees, and no monthly payments.

Pre settlement loans on lawsuits have saved personal injury plaintiffs throughout the United States from low ball settlement and financial disaster such as vehicle repossession, eviction, utility cut-off, ruin credit score, foreclosure proceeding and more. If you have an attorney working is working to negotiate a settlement or representing you in a suit in a court of law and you want a cash advance on your the proceeds from a civil action, Accident Claims Loan can help you get pending lawsuit loans against lawsuit settlements from as low as $1,000 to as high as $100,000.

Accident Claim Loan is the smart choice for plaintiffs searching for easy lawsuit funding solutions. We are a full-service lawsuit lending institution in the business of helping clients get same day accident loans and low cost pre-settlement loans while they are in the midst of a civil court case.  As a full-service funding source, we can offer a wide array of legal funding products to clients such as lawsuit loans on car accident settlements, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, slip and fall lawsuit loans, personal injury lawsuit settlement loans, wrongful death lawsuit settlement loans, and more.

We've provide the best pre settlement financial tools to personal injury plaintiffs across America. The most common injuries resulting from devastating accidents can leave clients unable to return to work, facing loss of income and mounting bills. Professional lawsuit lenders can advance lawsuit funding fast to help you and your family during the lengthy litigation process.

Don't trust your case with just any litigation funding company. You deserve a profession lawsuit lender that's going to listen to your needs and look after your best interests. The best pre settlement lawsuit funding companies are committed to delivering the best customer experience by offering a simple and straightforward pre settlement funding underwriting process, fast lawsuit loans, low interest pre-settlement loans, and lawsuit funding loans best terms. Get cash now by calling us at 1-888-715-8701 or filling out the short application on this page. Once we get your lawsuit loans application, we'll take it from there by calling your injury lawsuit for some additional details about your pending case.


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Top Lawsuit Loan Questions Answered by Accident Claim Loans

If you are suffering from personal injury, going through the lawsuit settlement process, and need financial assistance to help you through the difficult litigation period, you may have heard that you can obtain an advance on your pending lawsuit by taking out a cash loan on your lawsuit. Accident Claim Loan will help you learn more about how lawsuit loans work. We've compiled a list of answers to some of the most commonly questions for easy understanding.  If you need more information or want to apply for a pre settlement lawsuit loan, call us and speak with an experienced, friendly lawsuit funding specialist by dialing 1-888-715-8701.


What is a lawsuit loan?

Lawsuit funding simple dictionary definition

A lawsuit loan is a risk-free cash advance on future lawsuit settlement for a plaintiff actively involved in a civil case. Injury victims typically borrow money until settlement of their cases due to financial hardship, mounting medical bills, and unexpected financial crises. These lawsuit cash advances are categorized as non-recourse advances, since borrowers are not personally liable for paying back the cash loan and do not have to undergo credit checks.

With a pre settlement lawsuit loan, the legal funding company will advance the client a portion of what the case is presently worth. If and when the claim is settled, the injury attorney of record will pay back the advance lawsuit loan plus agreed upon fee once he / she has received the proceed from the insurance company or defendant.


The lawsuit funding process

How do lawsuit loans work?

The process for getting a lawsuit settlement loan before you receive a settlement offer is pretty straightforward. You can have the cash advance in your hands within 24 hours, or 1 business day, with the full cooperation of your attorney. Once you apply with us, we'll do the rest. If you have an open and current cases and hired an attorney to recover monetary compensation from the responsible party, we can help you get a lawsuit cash advance today, before you receive the money from your lawsuit settlement.

The lawsuit advancement is a risk-free, and there's no credit check, no out of pocket fees, and no employment requirements. We are not concerned with your credit score or employment status. The decision to advance lawsuit funding is based upon the facts and circumstances of your case, and not your personal ability to repay the settlement cash advance loans.

Another popular feature of borrowing from lawsuit settlements is that you pay back the pre settlement loan only if you win your case or the recover lawsuit money. Therefore, if you lose your case or don't win a settlement, verdict, or award, you can keep the advance settlement funding and own nothing. It's that simple.


Loans for lawsuit settlements

Lawsuit settlement loans without the hassles

Litigation loans are fast, easy, hassle free pre settlement solutions for clients who want to borrow money against the proceeds they expect to get from lawsuit settlements.

If you need lawsuit funding fast, go ahead and submit your request to for a lawsuit cash advance from $1,000 to $100,000. We offer lawsuit funding same day. So as soon as we receive your online application, we can move forward and start working on your request.

When you work with the best legal funding companies, you can expect a safe, easy, and straightforward process:

No credit check

No long form to fill out

No income requirements

No monthly payments

No risk lawsuit lending for accident victims and plaintiffs

A lawsuit loan is the simple, convenient source to get cash before your settlement.


Benefits of lawsuit loans and pre settlement funding for plaintiffs

Benefit of lawsuit loans on settlements

Lawsuit settlement loans have provided financial relief to tens of thousands of personal injury plaintiffs throughout the United States. If a serious accident or personal injury has resulted in causing you to lose time from work or suffer financial hardship and economic damages, your financial situation may get much worse before you settle your case or win a verdict against the person(s) responsible for your loss.

Lawsuit loans have 3 distinct advantages for people in the midst of a lawsuit who want a cash advance on their pending lawsuit:

  1. A lawsuit loan puts money in your hands before you recover financial compensation and can help you pay the bills and take care of your family.
  2. A lawsuit loan can empower you to reject a low-ball settlement offer from the insurance company, so you can continue fighting the defendant for fair lawsuit settlement.
  3. A lawsuit loan can potentially help you win a bigger, larger insurance settlement, verdict, or award, by giving your accident lawyer all the time he / she requires to negotiate the best lawsuit settlement or prepare cases for a civil trial.

Lawsuit loans have advantages and disadvantages. Everything has pros and cons. However, loans on lawsuit from a professional lawsuit lending financial institution is the fast, easy way to get money fast to help alleviate the difficulties commonly associated with the lawsuit settlement process. The key to getting the most out of pre settlement lawsuit funding is carefully considering your options and choosing the best lawsuit loan company before you take out a settlement loan.

Don't let financial hardships and money problems pressure you into taking a settlement offer from the insurance company that's far less than the full settlement value of your injury case.


Do I need to have an attorney to apply for a loan on my lawsuit?

Lawsuit loans without attorney representation

Plaintiffs who want to take out lawsuit loans must have attorney representation. Therefore, in order to be considered for a pre settlement loan on pending lawsuit, you must have an attorney on record representing you in an injury case. This eligibility requirement is put in place to protect the interests of the client as well as the lawsuit funding company investing in the case. Furthermore, cooperation from your lawyer is essential in the lawsuit funding underwriting review process. Therefore, Accident Claim Loan is unable to advance pre settlement loans without a lawyer assisting and cooperating in the process.

Our underwriting process is simple and straightforward. Once you submit your request to obtain law cash pre settlement funding, we will immediately call your personal injury lawyer to obtain some routine information about your case, which should take no more than 5 minutes. The data we receive from your attorney will help us to determine how much you can borrow against the proceeds you expect to get from the lawsuit.


Does your lawsuit qualify for a pre settlement loans?

Qualifying for pre settlement lawsuit loans

Pending lawsuit loans are available from $1,000 to $100,000. Whether you have a straightforward case such as a two-car accident, rear-end collision or a complex lawsuit such as defective product liability litigation, we have the experience and resources to help you get the financial assistance today.

Because we have some of the most experienced case funding underwriters in the industry working on our team, we can connect plaintiffs with fast and competitively priced lawsuit cash advances for a wide range of lawsuit types.

Our underwriters specialize in car accident settlement loans, bus accident lawsuit loans, auto accident settlement loans, dog bite settlement loans, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, nursing home neglect lawsuit loans, police brutality case loans, civil sexual assault lawsuit loans, slip and fall lawsuit loans, wrongful death lawsuit loans, to just name a few.

Below, you will find a list of some of the most common type of cases we review:

Auto accident lawsuit loans

Bus accident lawsuit loans

Car crash lawsuit loans

Construction accident lawsuit loans

Dog bite lawsuit loans

Hit and run lawsuit loans

Jones Act lawsuit loans

Premises liability lawsuit loans

Slip and fall lawsuit loans

Trip and fall lawsuit loans

Uber accident lawsuit loans

Workers compensation lawsuit settlement cash advance

Wrongful death lawsuit loans

and more

If you do not see the type of injury claim you are involved in, but you have suffered serious injuries and have an attorney, please feel free to call us (1-888-715-8701) and tell us a little bit about your lawsuit so we can determine right over the phone if we can help you obtain pre settlement funding.

Apply online or call us to do an application over the phone if you need a cash advance on pending lawsuit while you're waiting for your case to get settled.


Cash Advance on Pending Lawsuit

Pending lawsuit loans for the most common personal injury claims

The type of injury you've suffered and the type of medical treatment that you have received in connection with your case are major factors in determining the value of your personal injury case. Insurance company claims adjuster and defense lawyers evaluate and assess liability, damages, injury, medical treatment, and causation to determine how much your lawsuit is worth.

Similarly, to determine how much you can get for lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding companies will look at your symptoms and diagnosis, type of medical treatment, and the frequency and intensity of the medical care you received. Accident Claim Loan has the underwriting experience and knowledge to consider all bodily injury claims. These are the most common personal injury settlement loans we offer:

Shoulder injury settlement loans

Neck injury settlement loans

Fatal occupational injury settlement loans

Back injury settlement loans

Wrist injury settlement loans

Traumatic brain injury settlement loans

Herniated disc injury settlement loans

Rotator cuff tear injury settlement loans

Ankle injury settlement loans

Torn meniscus injury settlement loans

Broken bone injury settlement loans

Femur fracture injury settlement loans

Amputation settlement loans

Leg injury settlement loans

Head injury settlement loans

Work-related death settlement loans (workplace wrongful death)

Soft-tissue injury settlement loans

Although many lawsuit loan companies routinely decline helping clients who have suffered soft tissue injuries, Accident Claim Loan does in fact consider providing financial assistance to accident victims who have soft-tissue injury claims. In fact, we offer soft tissue injury lawsuit loans for car accident cases, workers compensation on-the-job accident insurance claims, pedestrian vs automobile crashes, and motor vehicle collision lawsuits.

Lawsuit loans are available for plaintiffs who have undergone conservative medical treatment such as physical therapy or a complex broken bones fracture requiring surgery or long-term rehabilitation.

Furthermore, we know that a majority of other lawsuit funding companies have strict lawsuit loan qualifications and tight underwriting guidelines; however, we can still consider your case for pre settlement funding even if the insurance company has not made a settlement offer to you, through your attorney.


Pre Settlement loans auto accidents

Same day car accident cash advance loans for car accident victims

Fortunately, not all car accidents will result in personal injury or wrongful death. However, a devastating traffic collision can lead to catastrophic bodily injury, even motor vehicle traffic fatalities to motorists, pedestrians, passengers, and bicyclists. Accident Claim Loan understands the extensive losses car accident can cause. It's common for clients to suffer serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries, leading to loss of earning and mounting bills. If you are experiencing money problems because of an automobile accident, you may be eligible to borrow against your future car accident settlement by taking out a car accident loan.

Our pre settlement loans auto accidents program is designed to advance lawsuit loans for car accident victims. Loans on accident settlements can help personal injury plaintiffs get back on their feet before their cases are finally settled and resolved. Accident loans on accident cases are excellent pre settlement solutions if you need cash now to help alleviate the financial pressure you are, advancing lawsuit funding to help you pay bills, living expenses, and other financial obligations.

Our car accident loan company can advance lawsuit loans on car accident cases from $1,000 to $100,000. If you got hurt in any type of auto accident and have a motorcycle crash lawsuit, 18-wheeler accident lawsuit, bus collision lawsuit, pedestrian injury lawsuit, semi-tractor trailer truck accident lawsuit, or have an auto accident wrongful death suit, you can go ahead and put in your request for a risk-free pre settlement lawsuit cash advance. You don't make any monthly payment, and pay back the auto accident advance only if you win your case.


Car accident lawsuit loans: Auto accident personal injury claims can take months even years to come to settle and finalize. However, if you and your family are struggling financially to make ends meet and need plaintiff relief before your attorney settles your case, pre settlement funding by Accident Claims Loan may be your best solution. You can apply now to request a no credit check lawsuit cash advance if you are not responsible for causing the automobile accident, suffering from personal injury, and hired a car accident lawyer to pursue financial compensation for damages and pain and suffering caused by the auto accident. The lawsuit loans underwriter consider the most common type of car accident injuries for car accident lawsuit loans, such as car accident soft tissue injuries accident loans, spinal injury accident loans, knee injury accident loans, back injury accident loans, shoulder injury accident loans, neck injury accident loans, fracture / broken bones accident loans, wrist accident loans, broken leg accident loans, and more.

Car accident wrongful death lawsuit loans: Losing a family member or relative in a car accident is one of the most devastating experiences that anyone can go through. The wrongful death of a loved one is a life-changing event that has emotional and financial ramifications. Plaintiffs involved in car accident fatality suits have to deal with the emotional loss of a spouse or relative as well as the financial burden. If the auto accident victims who tragically died in the traffic crash was the primary or joint breadwinner in the family, the financial loss is intensified. Dealing with the emotional loss, funeral expenses, medical bills, and loss of income can quickly become overwhelming. Although no amount of money will every bring back a loved one, wrongful death lawsuit settlement loans can help to relieve some of the financial stress.

If your spouse or relative tragically died in a car crash accident and you have a pending wrongful death case arising out of a fatal traffic collision, you can call us to get pre-settlement funding for wrongful death lawsuits if you need a cash advance on your claim.

Car accident settlement loans requirements:

The claimant must be represented by an attorney.

The injured party or wrongful death plaintiff must be 18 years of age or older.

Your attorney's / law firm's cooperation is necessary in the underwriting process.

You are not responsible for causing the accident.

The automobile collision occurred within the U.S.

You suffered personal injury and received medical treatment, or wrongful death.

Our underwriters have significant experience underwriting car accident claims for lawsuit cash advances. Let us help you get financial assistance after a car accident if your life has been turned upside down because of a distracted driver, driver fatigue, drunk driving, dangerous driving, or speeding driver.


Pre-Settlement loans nationwide

National pre-settlement funding company for fast lawsuit loans, low interest rate settlement loans

Accident Claim Loan is a global lawsuit funding company offering financial services in most of the 50 United States. We provide the best pre settlement funding experience, offering same day lawsuit loans and excellent customer service. Furthermore, our team of underwriters are committed to helping you secure low costs financial assistance while you're waiting for your attorney to negotiate the best lawsuit settlement with the insurance company. When you work with our legal funding group, you can expect a simple application form, straightforward process, expert underwriting, fast decision, no out of pocket fees, and low interest rate settlement loans for clients.

As a nationwide funding company, we currently offer lawsuit loans personal injury victim in the following states, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

To apply for a lawsuit settlement loan, all you have to do is fill out the application and we'll take it from there by contacting your attorney from some additional details about your case.


Can I borrow against workers comp: Workers compensation loans?

Settlement loans for workers comp against on-the-job injury claims

As a national provider of pre settlement funding, one of the most common questions we get asked is, "Can I get a loan while on workers comp." We are not surprised this is such a commonly asked question. We understand claimants who are in the midst of a workers' compensation case often find themselves low running low on cash and experiencing financial problems. Fortunately, accident victims who suffered workplace bodily injuries and need cash before receiving the proceeds from a worker comp settlement can get an advance on workers compensation settlement.

Accident Claim Loan is proud to be one of the nation's leading workers compensation pre settlement funding providers offering financial assistance for injured workers. We offer workers compensation lawsuit funding to injured accident victims who want to get a lawsuit settlement loan while on workers' comp. If you were an employee who got hurt on the job or suffered a work-related injury or illness while performing your work duties or in the course of your employment, you may be able to obtain a settlement loan against your workers comp case.

When an employee is injured at work, as a result of an accident or injury that occurred in the course and scope of his / her employment, that employee is generally barred from bringing a negligence lawsuit against their employer for the injuries they suffered while on the job. Instead, injured workers who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses are entitled to apply for and receive workers compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation, also known as workmans comp and workers comp, is a state mandated insurance program that covers hospital expenses, medical treatment expenses, surgery, lost wages, funeral costs, and death benefits, among other things.

Qualifying for a workers compensation funding is easy. You are eligible to apply for cash advance for workers comp claims: If you got hurt at work or suffered a job related injury, hired a workers' compensation lawyer to pursue financial compensation, and have a pending job-related injury claim with the insurance company. Our lawsuit funding company can typically offer workmans comp advance loans from $1,000 to $100,000, depending the workplace injury suffered in the accident.

Unlike personal injury claim loans on negligence cases, which are available in most of the 50 United States, loans before settlement on workers comp are only in 21 states, such as settlements loans for workers comp in Connecticut, settlements loans for workers comp in Florida, settlements loans for workers comp in Georgia, settlements loans for workers comp in Kansas, settlements loans for workers comp in Washington, settlements loans for workers comp in Louisiana, settlements loans for workers comp in Nevada, settlements loans for workers comp in Washington, settlements loans for workers comp in West Virginia, settlements loans for workers comp in Missouri, settlements loans for workers comp in Mississippi, and more.


Settlement Loans for workers comp eligible states
Alaska workers comp Kansas workers comp Rhode Island workers comp
Connecticut workers comp Louisiana workers comp South Dakota workers comp
Delaware workers comp Mississippi workers comp Washington workers comp
Florida workers comp Missouri workers comp West Virginia workers comp
Georgia workers comp Montana workers comp Wyoming workers comp
Indiana workers comp Nevada workers comp Minnesota workers comp
Iowa workers comp North Dakota workers comp Alabama workers comp


Loans on workers comp cases are available for the most common workplace injuries. We offer settlement loans for on the injuries resulting from repetitive motion, machine entanglement, vehicle accidents, falling objects, slipping and tripping accidents, as well as overexertion injuries related to pulling, lifting, pushing, and carrying. Workers comp pre settlement funding is the fast and easy way for a employee with workplace accident claim to obtain a cash advance before your settlement.


Lawsuit loans interest rates

How much do lawsuit loans cost

Lawsuit loans are certainly not cheap financial products, that's a fact. However, lawsuit loans don't have to be excessively expensive and costly as well. Critics of legal funding have a fundamental misunderstanding of litigation loans. They argue that lawsuit cash advances are bad for plaintiffs, and that the cons outweigh the pros. That's not necessarily true. It's not that borrowing money from a pending lawsuit settlement is expensive, it's really that too many lawsuit funding companies make taking out pre settlement loans on lawsuit costly and unnecessarily expensive.

Let's talk truth: Quite frankly, lawsuit loans should be a financial service of last resort. What we mean by that is, if you have better options of obtaining financial assistance until you receive the money from your settlement, you should definitely consider those options. Unfortunately, from our extensive experience, the vast majority of accident victims and plaintiffs don't have other options of getting financial relief during the lawsuit process.

Lawsuit cash advances are the better options for people who have good cases, desperately need cash immediately, and borrow from responsible lawsuit lenders. Therefore, it makes sense not to sign a legal funding contract with a high lawsuit loan interest rate.

From our experience, companies that have a lot of costly TV commercials and paid internet ads usually have high pre-settlement funding interest rates and charge excessive fees. We've even seen a lawsuit funding company charges $95 just to send the cash advance by overnight mail.

Reputable lawsuit settlement loan companies will be upfront, transparent, and clear about the cost to take out pre settlement funding. We believe a responsible lawsuit lending financial institution should charge fair interest rates between 2.9% and 3.25% on standard cases, such as car accident claims, slip and falls, truck accidents cases, and premises liability lawsuits. Even though investing in lawsuit claims carry a higher risk than what banks and credit unions typically assume, we encourage lawsuit lenders to lower the cost to take out lawsuit loans.


Pre-settlement funding companies

Best rated lawsuit loan companies

When you want to take out a lawsuit loan to tide you over until your attorney recovers fair financial compensation in your case, it's important that you choose a professional, reliable, and top lawsuit funding company competent to get you a lawsuit loan fast and at a fair rate. But how do you find the best legal funding companies with sooo many options to choose from? We understand shopping around can be difficult when searching for the best pre settlement funding company offering lawsuit loans with favorable lending terms, especially when you have pressing financial needs and time is just not in your favor.

And it certainly doesn't help when you have a majority of lawsuit loan companies posting fake funding reviews to get a best rating. Be very careful of lawsuit lenders who claim to be voted top in the legal funding industry. The savvy client will stay clear of coy and deceptive companies.

Plaintiffs looking for the best companies offering litigation loans should shop around to find a company they feel 100% comfortable with. You do this by calling several different pre settlement funding companies and asking the right questions. We recommend clients specifically ask questions pertaining to the turnaround time, settlement funding underwriting criteria, lawsuit funding loans best terms, approval rating, and of course the interest rate charged to borrow against your case. When you call the lawsuit funding company have a list of questions, ready such as: How long is the lawsuit funding reviews process? Is my case eligible for a lawsuit loan? What are the funding terms to get a cash advance? And, what is the lawsuit loans interest rate? Asking right questions at the beginning of the application process can help you to find and differentiate the best lawsuit funding companies from the lawsuit loan sharks. Keep in mind, if at anytime you are not completely satisfied with the service, simply cancel your pre settlement funding application and find a better lawsuit settlement loan company to obtain financial assistance from.


Lawsuit Loan Process, Simple and Straightforward

Easy pre settlement lawsuit loans for fast decision, funding approval

  • Fill out the application form on this page or call us to do a phone application.
  • We'll work directly with your lawyer to gather some additional information.
  • Our underwriter will determine the lawsuit loan amount you can borrow against your pending lawsuit.
  • We call you with the full details of your litigation loan request.
  • You get the money sent directly to you the very same day or following business day.

Our goal is to help clients get the help they need quickly by providing lawsuit funding same day. Please remember that your attorney's cooperation is necessary in the lawsuit loans process.  

Please be advised that at this time, we do not offer lawsuit loans on cases pending in Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, or South Carolina.


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Financial Assistance for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Remember, loans on lawsuit settlements are 100% risk-free for personal injury victims pursuing civil cases. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your civil case, you can keep the lawsuit cash advance and owe nothing.

Motorcycle accident settlement loans

Auto accident loans

Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Pre-Settlement Funding for Surgery

Workers' Comp Settlement Loans

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful Death Settlement Loans

Medical Malpractice Settlement Advance

Premises Liability Lawsuit Loans

FELA Railroad Worker Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Negligence Third-Party Liability Lawsuit Funding

Construction Site Accident Lawsuit Loans

Dangerous Product Liability Settlement Loans

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Funding

Jones Act Settlement Loans