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What we do for accident victims and plaintiffs with injury cases

Accident Claim Loan is a national financial institution offer pre-settlement funding products and services to injured accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs throughout the United States. If you have been hurt in an accident or suffered personal injury due to someone else's negligence or recklessness and you need money now before you receive the settlement, we can advance lawsuit funding to tide you over until the case is settled. We provide accident claims cash advances to clients from $1,000 to $100,000. There's no credit check, no fees to apply, and no up-front costs.

Financial assistance for accident victims from Accident Claim Loan

Accident Claim Loan offers financial help for accident victims with pending injury claims and civil lawsuits. If your personal injury case is taking too long to settle and you desperately need money now to pay bills and other expenses, we can advance lawsuit money before you receive the money from your lawsuit settlement. While your case drags out, you may have pressing financial needs. Rather than settling your accident claim for a low settlement offer, you can take out an accident cash advance today and continue fighting the insurance company for fair financial compensation.

How do lawsuit loans work

Plaintiffs who find themselves experiencing financial problems in the middle of a lawsuit often turn to lawsuit loans when they need to borrow money against pending lawsuit settlements. Although lawsuit settlement loans are gaining in popularity, many people are still unfamiliar with how lawsuit loans work. In fact, one of the most frequently asked pre-settlement funding questions is, "how do lawsuit loans work?"  A loan on a pending lawsuit is risk-free cash advance for plaintiffs with pending personal injury cases. Lawsuit funding companies provide litigation loans to help accident victims stay afloat, pay bills, and a win fair settlement. It's easy getting a lawsuit loan. There's no credit check, no income requirements, and no fees to apply. If you got hurt, hired a lawyer, and need to borrow money from lawsuit settlement now, you can get a lawsuit loan from $1,000 to $100,000.

Credit score and accident loans

At Accident Claim Loans, our accident loans are provided to accident victims on a risk-free, non-recourse basis, so your credit score is not a determining factor in the legal funding underwriting process. We are not concerned with your credit score or credit history. Therefore, we do not perform credit checks on potential borrowers. Lawsuit loan companies are not concerning with the client's credit history or financial ability to pay back the cash loan. Our decision on whether to advance lawsuit money is based upon the facts and circumstances of your case. The accident loan is paid back by your personal injury attorney once the case if settled. However, if you don't settle the case or win the lawsuit, keep the lawsuit cash advance and pay nothing.

Settlement loans without a lawyer

Pre-settlement loans and post settlement loans are designed for clients who expect to receive settlement money and have attorney representation. To take out a cash loan on a pending settlement, you must have an injury lawyer and your lawyer must be cooperative in the legal funding process. Although this requirement may be disappointing to some, personal injury victims are unable to obtain settlement loans without a lawyer present. This is for the protection of accident victims as well as lawsuit funding companies investing in pending cases.

Loans on workers comp cases

Accident Claim Loan is proud to be a national leader in pre-settlement loans on workers compensation cases. In fact, we offer cash loan on workers comp settlement in more states than any other funding company. You can get a cash advance for worker comp claims in Alaska, Arizona Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington State, West Virginia, and Wyoming. It's easy to borrow against your workers comp settlement. If you got hurt on the job, suffered a workplace injury, and hired a worker comp lawyer, Accident Claim Loan can help you take out a workers' comp advance loan from $1,000 - $100,000 in about 24 hours. In fact, we have the resources to offer same day loans before settlement on workers comp. Call or apply online, 1-888-715-8701.

Low rates lawsuit loans for personal injury victims with pending lawsuits

With so many lawsuit funding companies claiming to have the lowest interest rates and the best lawsuit funding loans terms, can all of them really offer the lowest rates lawsuit loans? Of course not, it's not possible for all pre-settlement funding companies to have the lowest interest rates on lawsuit settlement loans. The best lawsuit funding companies are up-front and clear about the cost of borrowing money against pending lawsuit settlement. At Accident Claim Loan, we are honest and transparent about our litigation loan rates and funding terms. If you are looking for a fair rate and competitively terms, you've come to the right lawsuit lending institution. We offer lawsuit loan interest rates 2.75% - 3.5%. Once we quickly review your case, we can let you know exactly what it will cost to take out a loan on your lawsuit through Accident Claim Loan. Get a competitively priced cash advance on your lawsuit by calling 1-888-715-8701.

Lawsuit loans without attorney cooperation

Many clients are upset to find out that they are unable to obtain lawsuit loans without attorney cooperation. In order to take out a cash loan on your pending lawsuit, your attorney must be willing to provide the litigation funding company with some information about your case. The requested information is essential in helping the underwriter evaluate the claim, so we can determine how much money you can borrow while waiting for your case to settle. As a lawsuit funding company committed to providing financial assistance for accident victims, we can understand the frustration in wanting to take out a lawsuit loan and not being able to get financial help because your injury lawyer refuses to cooperate in the underwriting process or sign the legal funding contract agreement. If you have a good case and need money now to stay afloat and pay bills, try speaking with a partner in the law firm and explaining the urgency in the matter. Hopefully, he / she will be understanding of your financial situation and cooperate so the pre-settlement funding company can move ahead with your request for a cash advance.

Car accident loans fast for personal injury accident victims?

Car accident cases can take a long time to settle and come to a final resolution, that's why we offer same day accident loans to car accident victims who have suffered serious personal injury and need money now while waiting on a car accident settlement. At Accident Claim Loan, we understand the financial difficulties plaintiffs often experience during the car accident settlement process. Civil litigation can take years to finalize. However, personal injury victims of automobile accident need money to pay the bills, rent, medical treatment, and living expenses. We understand, and we have designed a quick pre-settlement auto accident program to get you a car accident lawsuit loan within 24 hours! Get lawsuit funding fast so you can take care of your financial obligations and survive until your attorney settles your accident claim or wins the lawsuit. Call now to get financial assistance for car accident victims, 1-888-715-8701.

Accident loans: How long is the process to get a loan on my accident claim

We make the process of getting a loan on an accident claim fast and easy for accident victims who need money while waiting on a settlement. In fact, once you apply for an accident loan, you can have the cash in your hands within 24 hours. At Accident Claim Loans, our goal is to provide same day accident loans to personal injury victims who urgently need financial assistance after a devastating accident causing catastrophic bodily injury. The actual time that it will take to advance lawsuit loans in your particular situation will depend upon the cooperation and availability of your injury lawyer. To speed up the accident loans process, please let your attorney know that you have put in a funding application with our accident loan company.

Getting accident lawsuit funding today

Getting started on your pre-settlement funding application is easy. We've streamlined the funding process to make borrowing money against a lawsuit settlement fast, easy, and hassle-free for plaintiffs. To get started and obtain accident lawsuit funding from $1,000 - $100,000, all you have to do is fill out the short lawsuit funding application on this webpage or call us toll-free to do an application right over the telephone. Right after we receive your accident loan request, we'll take it from there and contact your injury lawyer for some additional details about your pending case.


Financial Assistance for Injured Accident Victims

Remember, accident loans are 100% risk-free for litigants with injury claims. There's no credit check, zero upfront fees, $0 monthly payments, and if you lose your personal injury case, you can keep the pre-settlement cash advance and owe nothing.

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