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    How fast can you receive the money? In 24 hours: that’s how fast! Our fast accident loans cash to you within 24 hours of approval.

  • Lending w/No Credit Check

    The mechanism of legal finance allows claimants to borrow money from their accident claim without a credit check.

  • Very Simple Requirements

    With Accident Claim Loan, the process of obtaining quick cash couldn’t be any simpler: No long forms, no red tape, & no hassles!

Accident Claim Loans

We make it happen for you to get part of your accident money during your claim.

Do you have an accident case or personal injury claim and need cash now? We can potentially help. ACL is dedicated to providing financial support to injured people who want a lending hand during the long claim process. We offer risk-free settlement loans that can help to alleviate the financial burden. A settlement loan is a pre-settlement cash advance offered by lawsuit funding companies to help you get back on track before your lawsuit is settled.

Financial Help for Car Accident Victims.jpgThere's no credit check, no monthly payments, and the funds are paid back from the payout you receive from a future settlement or damages awarded. With our easy application process, all you have to do is request the amount of money you want to borrow from your lawsuit and a legal funding specialist will contact your attorney for some information about your pending claim.

Accident claims don't settle quickly. In the process of a settlement, victims who have suffered serious injury often have a difficult time finding cash to cover their bills. Accident Claim Loan can assist you in getting a lawsuit cash advance in 24 hours by providing injury claimants with pre-settlement funding to help pay living expenses and legal costs while they wait on their attorney to negotiate a claim settlement with the insurance company adjuster.


  Apply online below or by phone.

  We work with your law firm.

  We update you on the loan.

  Sign the funding agreement.

  The money is sent directly to you.


  No credit check

  No monthly payments

  No fee upfront

  No income requirements

  No repayment if you lose the case


  Approval in 24 hours potential

  Cash advances $500 - $100,000

  If you lose, you owe nothing

  Low interest rates

  The transaction is confidential


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Legal Funding: What We Do?

Accident Claim Loan provides financial help for injured victims who need cash to cover expenses until they receive compensation from a claim settlement or damages awarded. A devastating accident can leave victims with painful and expensive injuries. When an injury has left you unable to return to work and the bills are quickly piling up, waiting on the money from a settled lawsuit can be difficult. Our pre-settlement funding solutions can help you find the cash necessary to pay your bills during the legal proceedings by providing you with fast funds before your case is settled.

Benefits of accident claim loans.jpg Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is the one of the better lending options for people who have filed a claim and are pursuing compensatory damages for the injuries they've suffered due to an accident or third-party negligence. Whether you are involved in a car accident case, have a slip and fall lawsuit, litigating a wrongful death claim, or undertaking personal injury litigation, we've got you covered. Accident Claim Loan is one of the best lawsuit loan companies offering fast, low cost settlement loans on accident claims to plaintiffs nationwide.

Qualifying & The Requirements

It's relatively simple for plaintiffs to qualify for accident loans through Accident Claim Loan. While the pre-settlement funding requirements vary from company to company, qualifying for a loan on your accident claim is primarily based on the underwriter’s current valuation of your pending claim.

The 5 minimum eligibility requirements for accident claim loans are:

  1. The accident victim or personal injury claimant is 18 years of age or older.
  2. You hired an attorney to represent you in a legal action.
  3. You have a pending case (pre-settlement) or settled case (post-settlement).
  4. You live in the United States.
  5. You have an auto accident claim, workers comp case, wrongful death lawsuit, premises liability case, personal injury lawsuit, or defective medical device product liability lawsuit.

While banks give personal loans to borrowers based on their credit score, income, and financial ability to personally pay back the loan, lawsuit lending work much differently. The facts surrounding your accident case will allow the lawsuit lender to determine your eligibility, whether you meet the underwriting requirements, and the accident claim loans amount you can take out on your case.


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How it Works: Claim Funding

We're not a bank and do not give loans. Lawsuit funding companies help plaintiffs borrow money from a pending lawsuit through an easy lawsuit funding process. How it works is simple.

You can request a lawsuit loan during any phase of your case. While you’re attorney is litigating your claim or negotiating a settlement with the insurance company, you can apply for a lawsuit cash advance with Accident Claim Loan. When we receive your application, a legal funding specialist will immediately contact your attorney for additional information about your civil claim. Once we receive the requested information from your law firm, we’ll review the data to determine how much money we believe you can potentially recover from your lawsuit.

The anticipated lawsuit payout you’re entitled to receive for a personal injury case will primarily determine whether you qualify to borrow money against your lawsuit and the loan amount you can get with a lawsuit loan.


1, 2, 3 STEPS


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Apply Online or Call Us

Tell us a little about your case and request the cash you want to borrow against it. Our easy application process takes 2 minutes.

Underwriting for Accident Loans.png

We Work with Your Attorney

We'll contact your law firm for information that will allow our underwriter to determine the loan amount you can receive today.

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Get Your Money Now

Learn how much money you're approved to take out from your claim. You and your attorney sign the agreement. The cash is deposited into you bank account, sent by Western Union, or get a check next day.


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Types of Claims We Fund

The following are the most common types of claims that received funding:

We do not offer funding for structured settlements

Motorcycle accident settlement loans

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Funding

Jones Act Settlement Loans

Auto accident loans

Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Pre-Settlement Funding for Surgery

Workers' Comp Settlement Loans

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful Death Settlement Loans

Medical Malpractice Settlement Advance

Premises Liability Lawsuit Loans

FELA Railroad Worker Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Negligence Third-Party Liability Lawsuit Funding

Construction Site Accident Lawsuit Loans

Dangerous Product Liability Settlement Loans


Apply now. The consultation is free, private, and confidential.

Accident Claim Funding State by State Availability

Accident Claim Loan is a nationwide settlement funding company that offers personal injury loans and accident claim cash advances to plaintiffs in most of the 50 United States. If you have a claim pending in the U.S., there’s a good possible we can offer lawsuit loans in your area. Lawsuit funding for negligence or third-party cases is available in the states below (if you have a workers compensation case, check the workers comp funding page to confirm availability).

The following list is subject to change any at time without any prior notice due to state regulations and judicial decisions.

We provide pre-settlement claim loans in the state of: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Atlanta, Georgia, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Andrew C.
Washington, DC , Pedestrian Hit by a Car Crash
The customer service was good and the loan process was pretty easy. I needed to have transmission work done on my car so I decided to request a small loan on my personal injury claim. All I had to do was call and speak with a representative who took my application over the phone. The process could have been completed faster but my attorney was taking his time to send back the requested information. I can’t blame the lender for that delay. The underwriter called me 2 days later to let me know I was approved for the loan. They wired the money into my bank account the following day. I would recommend this lender to anyone looking to take out a loan on their claim.

Benefits of Accident Claim Cash Advances

The benefits of getting a personal injury loan are numerous. Personal injury loans are also known as non-recourse loans or a personal injury claim cash advance. They offer financial support as well as other support services to the claimant. For those injured persons who are unable to work and faced with overwhelming expenses, the cash from a personal injury settlement loan can provide you with immediate financial relief so that you can feel comfortable during the legal proceedings.

Insurance claims can take a long time. Insurance claims adjusters are known for dragging their feet when it comes to making fair settlement offers. Rather promptly paying legitimate claims, insurers often choose to delay, deny, and defend lawsuits. In the meanwhile your medical bills, rent, mortgage, and other expenses are piling up. To help you get through until you win your claim, ACL can provide you with a settlement loan on your accident claim, giving you access to a portion of your settlement money now.

Another huge advantage of a lawsuit loan is that the funds can help you secure a bigger payout for your damages by empowering you to reject the insurance company's low-ball settlement offer, giving your attorney additional time to negotiate the best settlement or prepare your case for trial in the event the insurance claim adjuster is unwilling to pay you all the money you're entitled to receive for your pain and suffering.

Bank Loans vs Accident Lawsuit Funding

There are fundamental differences between personal loans from banks and lawsuit settlement loans provided by lawsuit funding companies. While they both offer financial products and services to people who want to borrow money for specific purposes, funding companies can often advance cash much faster and without all the hassles associated with traditional lending.

Borrowing money from an accident settlement does not require the applicant undergo a credit check by the lawsuit funding company. The client does not make any monthly payments. The borrower repays the lawsuit advance only if the attorney settles or wins a judgment on the case.

The process of lending on a pending lawsuit carries a higher degree of compared to banking. For this reason, lawsuit settlement funding companies tend to offer rates higher than banks.

Clients should carefully consider all financial options available to them. If you decide a settlement loan is right for you, then make sure you choose a reputable and reliable legal funding company ready, willing, and able to give you the financial support your deserve during the long, drawn-out legal proceeding.


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Receiving pre-settlement loans without an attorney on your case?

Injured people who want money while waiting for their case to settle, often consider getting pre-settlement loans. One of the qualifications for receiving pre-settlement funding is having retained an attorney to represent you in a civil case. If you hired a lawyer to bring a claim, you qualify to apply for a settlement loan by Accident Claim Loan.

Will my credit score affect my lawsuit funding application?

While lawsuit funding and personal loans both allow borrowers to get cash for their need, using a lawsuit loan to borrow money from a lawsuit does not require a credit check. Your credit score will not impact the lawsuit funding decision. Qualifying is based on the facts of your case and the potential settlement you can expect to receive for a pending lawsuit.

How long do accident loans take to process?

Accident claims don’t settle quickly. Many cases take a long time. Fortunately, the process of receiving accident loans through Accident Claim Loan is fast and hassle-free. The total amount of time it will take to get an accident loan is determined by how quickly we get the requested information from your attorney. Our goal is to have you funded within 24 hours.

Why plaintiffs with lawsuits get car accident settlement loans from ACL?

A car accident lawsuit settlement covers personal injury and property damage to plaintiffs involved in a crash. Many auto accidents that result in serious injuries drag on for years, but car accident settlement loans can help you pay for what you need while you wait for your claim to settle with the defendant.

When do I pay back the car accident cash advance?

The money you receive from auto accident settlement funding is not a loan but it does help you get a cash advance against your car accident claim before the case is settled by providing you with an advance on a portion of your pending car accident settlement. You repay the cash when the claim is paid.

What types of personal injury claims qualify for a cash advance?
Get a cash advance against your personal injury claim compensation. We advance litigants cash for many different types of personal injury lawsuits while they’re waiting on the payout from a settlement. Receiving a personal injury cash advance on an auto accident case, slip and fall case, or wrongful death lawsuit is simple.
How can I speed up the process for funding same day accident loans?

If you’re currently involved in an accident lawsuit and need fast funds right now, you can turn to same day accident loans from Accident Claim Loan for accident funding today for immediate cash relief so you can pay your financial obligations and feel comfortable during the accident case. Your attorney’s cooperation is essential in the funding process. Please follow-up with your attorney and let him / her know that you’ve applied for an accident loan.